Our Story

A Long, Useful Life

Longevity is the name of the game. We make things that won’t fall apart or out of fashion — things that get better with age and use. No matter how many times you move, our products are made to move with you. Long-lasting furniture is better for your wallet and better for the planet.


From a Tree

It all starts with wood, the renewable material that’s been enhancing human life for ages. Wood is beautiful, durable, and each piece has its own distinct character. We source ours from sustainably-managed local forests, so you can feel good about putting trees in your home.


Woodworking 2.0

We use a blend of old-school woodworking and advanced manufacturing that increases quality and reduces waste. We design and manufacture our full collection at our workshop in North Carolina.


Deep Roots

Bryce and Dennis met on a ninth-grade Biology field trip. They became fast friends, went to college together, moved to New York City at the same time, and eventually combined their backgrounds in manufacturing and ecommerce to launch Cardinal Workshop out of a small shop in Queens.

Have questions? Product suggestions? Wanna pay the workshop a visit? Please holler at us: